Here's What You'll Discover:

  • Turn Fragmented Insights into a Cohesive Narrative

  • Anchor Your Vision Into Daily Life with Somatic Practices

  • Engage Your Subtle Body for Lasting Transformation

  • Expand Your Capacity Ceiling to Live a Life of Alignment

We'll show you how to:


Make Sense of Your Experience

Turn fragmented insights into a cohesive narrative using an evidence based psycho-therapeutic model that shows you how to map your psyche in order to integrate the insights you learned into your daily life.


Anchor Your Insights with Somatic Practices

Learn the language of your body and ground your experiences into your lived reality with somatic practices that empower you with the ability to release tension and resolve long held trauma.


Engage Your Subtle Body for Lasting Transformation

Expand healing beyond the limitations of the physical realm as you discover how to tap into the expansive energies that surround and flow through you, awakening a profound sense of interconnectedness with the universe.


Expand Your Capacity Ceiling

Increase your capacity to push beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone to break through self-imposed limits and open doors to greater possibilities and a life of continuous evolution.


Create a Supportive Container for Ongoing Integration

Heal exponentially in a sacred container of mutual awakening and discovery as new pathways of belonging and co-regulation transform long held relational patterns.

Who We Are

Joe Bielling is a Certified Level 3 Internal Family Systems Practitioner and Licensed Professional Counseling Associate. Joe's passion lies in empowering individuals to comprehend the intricacies of their minds, enabling them to unlock their full potential. His personal journey combining psychedelics and Internal Family Systems has been transformative, healing deep trauma where traditional therapy fell short.

With over 35 personal journeys under his belt, he is dedicated to guiding others to understand and embrace the gifts received, integrating them into their lives.

Kate West is the visionary behind the When Lightning Strikes - a film and community born out of her own experience with a profound Spiritual Emergency that led her to multiple hospital visits.

After a complete recovery and reemergence into the world, Kate now leads a global community that uses IFS as a central tool to help individuals comprehend and recover from traumatic spiritual breakdowns, often which occur from improper support with psychedelics.

Together, Joe and Kate are on a mission. Their collective goal is to compassionately guide individuals in releasing stored trauma, allowing them to truly embrace their visionary nature and Divine Life Blueprint, through combining the power of plant medicines and sound, evidence based integration support.

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